Australian Travel Trade: ‘Open for business, maximum regions unaffected’

By Charu Dua

The bushfires in Australia made their headlines to the international world due to the extensive damage they have caused to the property and wildlife. They had been spreading like wildfire for months, wreaking havoc on the Australia tourism industry. The ongoing crisis has cost the nation’s tourism industry about A$1 billion ($690 million), backed by official data revealed online.

According to the data from the Australian Tourism Industry Council (ATIC), in some areas bookings have been hit as directly as 100 percent. Fires have also touched the regional industry with 60 percent cancellation rate of their bookings. Most of the areas are blanketed in smoke. However, amid the upsetting news, there has been a wave of support from all over the world.

People are contributing to Australia’s recovery efforts by planning a holiday here and Australian tourism using their crisis management tactics to gain traction. One in 13 Australians depends upon the tourism industry for their livelihoods. Nothing more than a bustling tourism industry is important for the Australians at present.

Viral misinformation on Australia’s bushfires impacted the tourism industry but the concerned representatives are trying to reverse the damage done by labeled as “fake news.”

“While the bushfires in Australia continues to affect some areas, but the majority of the regions are not affected and business are trying to get back in action in full speed. It’s time to root and come around together and come to support the affected tourism sector” quoted Phillipa Harrison, Managing Director,Tourism Australia.

Award-winning adventure travel blogger, Jarryd Salem said that each person planning an international trip should understand how much important Australian tourism needs his or her attention. Regions are open for business and have got the same attractions as before.”

The government is on the roll and trying to rebuild the fire-affected areas to ensure effective tourist standards. The rate at which people come from the US to visit Australia has always been high and the representatives at Australian tourism are working hard to maintain the same influx.


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